Friday, May 14, 2010

Two flower blossoms in the woods

I was walking around yesterday, looking at the world. First, I saw this beautiful magnolia blossom. Smelling sweet. Just perfectly formed, white and pure and fresh, glowing against the dark of the forest. I photographed it, and as I released the blossom from my hand, I saw the stamens fall apart. I saw that the flower now was decaying minute by minute. Then I saw the neighboring flower. It had bloomed earlier, and now it was brown and withered.

And this is the nature of things. Yes, the beauty of the flower exists, but how can I saw that the flower is beautiful. Certainly its sweet scent is fading quickly. The fresh petals will soon be brown and dried. So it is with all composite things. They are subject to change. To pretend otherwise is to seek pain.

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