Monday, May 3, 2010

Planting Seeds!

An exciting day yesterday! After a few weeks of preparing the soil, Meredith planted some seeds in the garden at the Councill House. Sangha members have assisted in the process of preparing the earth, turning over the soil, picking out the rocks (nice quartz!), and shaking soil loose from the clumps of turf. It's a pretty good sized garden - about 20 by 10 feet - so Meredith will probably need some help with weeding. I'm hoping that sangha members can assist along the way. Caring for a garden can be quite a meditative practice.

For the reading yesterday, Dianne read a selection on forgiveness from the book "One Breath at a Time."

Unfortunately, we all left without anyone making a commitment to provide the reading or refreshments for next week. But - I'm sure this issue will get resolved when the time comes.

And - today - beautiful steady rain. Great for the newly planted seeds.

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